• Data  Science  Master
    Our time is characterized by the avalanche of data of all kinds,
    and in all fields: extra knowledge of the data is the new engine of scientific,
    technological and economic development.
  • Official master
    joint venture

Are you a physicist, a mathematician , an engineer, an economist ... ?

Learn and Apply

Interacting with international experts in the field.


To some of the best data and computing resources in Europe.


Internships and master thesis in collaboration with companies and leading research groups.

A new step forward for your professional career:
new perspectives for projects in companies and research groups or in the public administration.

Faculty board includes experts from different centers of the National Research Council in Spain (CSIC), professors from the University of Cantabria and relevant experts in the field from several research centers and companies.

Practical work will involve resources like large data servers, supercomputers, and other online facilities employed by leading companies and research centers.

5.- Master Thesis

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    Data Science Master

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Investigaciones Científicas

Universidad de Cantabria